Little Santa Anita Canyon – 3C II

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Summary: Little Santa Anita, or LSA as it is generally called,  is one of the most popular canyoneering routes in the San Gabriel Canyons. Just off the Mt. Wilson Trail this canyon has flowing water year-round.  Unfortunately, due to a recent fire and subsequent land slides many of the pools and slides the canyon was known for were filled in.  The extremely wet winter of 2010/2011 did an amazing job of restoring the canyon almost back to its pre fire state.

Due to its relatively short drops and easy access this is a great canyon for beginners and even first descents.

ACA Rating: 3C II

USGS Topographic Map: Mount Wilson

Weather: NOAA Point Forecast

SAR Contact: Los Angeles County

Online Beta

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uCanyon Beta

Little Santa Anita Canyon is a pretty straight forward canyoneering adventure.  There are many small drops all of which are pretty straight forward rappels.  The canyon can be done using natural anchors for most of the rappels, however years ago the canyon was bolted.

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Little Santa Anita Canyon 3C II Beta 20110809 (Small Version)

Download the full resolution uCanyon Beta JPEG File


Download the full resolution uCanyon Beta JPEG File

Approach and GPS

The approach to Little Santa Anita Canyon pretty much as straightforward as they come in the San Gabriel Valley area.  The GPS track below takes you up the Mount Wilson trail from the trailhead to the first water marker.  Once you reach the marker the trail splits, take the fork that heads down to the stream bed.

Download the KMZ file for the uCanyon Beta

Updated on 8/09/2011


Little Santa Anita Canyon -- 3C II

[img src=]40Little Santa Anita Entrance
[img src=]60LSA Creeking
THe first piece of LSA is alot of creeking, small slides. This is the largest of the slides which most will bypass
[img src=]60LSA 1st Rappel
[img src=]60Rappel 3
Prior to the fire that caused the slide that filled in this area of the canyon you used to swim under this chock stone.
[img src=]50The 4th rappel
[img src=]40Longest Rappel
This rappel is one of the longest, by rope length.
[img src=]40LSA Exit
Note the small pile of stones, cairn, on the right.
[img src=]40uCanyon Detailed Beta
[img src=]20uCanyon Drop Map

Other Beta

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  1. From DA on FB: Ran LSA last night. Still dry at the bottom but I was glad for my 3mm suit at the top.

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